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Kantipur Pest Control

Our Mission

To deliver professional pest-control for residences and businesses in Nepal that preserve property and promote healthy environments.

Our vision

To facilitate peace of mind by creating safe, healthy and pest-free environments.

Importance Of Pest Control

Beyond the annoyance and hygienic problems that Pests cause, the most serious way pests harm people and animals are as the carriers of disease. Pests provide transportation and shelter to disease causing organisms called pathogens. When the pests carrying these pathogens come into contact with our environment, bite people and animals or lay their excrement in our food or surroundings, the germs are transmitted and then passed on through everyday contact. Dengue Fever, Diarrhea, Typhoid, Cholera and Malaria are just some of the diseases transmitted by Pests. If you want to safeguard yourself and your family against these diseases. PEST CONTROL ARE THE STARTING POINT.


Pest Management Services for Your Business

General Pest Conrol

A thorough inspection will be conducted to identify Infested Areas and Potential Risk Areas. Infested areas will be treated and those areas that are likely to become infested (as revealed from the inspection) will be given preventative treatment

Termite Control

With Termites, What you can't see is the problem. Your biggest investment may be at risk. Termites would love to make a meal of your home, and they can and do cause enormous damage in a short space of time.

Mosquito Control

With the increasing incidents of mosquito related health problems here in Nepal such as Dengue Fever. Trap's focus lies in developing different approaches to control mosquitos. Trap will conduct a thorough inspection to look for potential sources of mosquito infestation such as stagnant water and water bearing receptacles/containers left on site.

Rodent Control

rats and Mice can pose huge problems in your home or business. They are spreaders of desease, can damage property (electrical wires and furniture) and contaminate foodstuffs. KPC will conduct a comprehensive inspection to find all possible entry points , food sources and breeding areas and formulate a Rodent Control Solution to best suit your needs.

Bed Bug Control

Bed Bugs are small wingless insects that feed solely upon the blood of warm-blooded animals making humans an ideal food source.

Our Comitment

हाम्रो सेवाहरु तपाईहरु को घर, अफिस , होटल रेस्टुरेन्ट, हस्पीटल अपाट्मेन्ट आदी स्थानमा ग्यारेन्टीका साथ मूसा,उडुस, धमिरा, झिँगा, चरा, सर्प, साङला र विभिन्न थरीका किराहरु आधुनिक तरिकाले मार्नुका साथै सधैको लागि निर्मुल गरिन्छ।


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